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The 2023 Little Cup Circuit is coming to a close, and if you want to qualify for playoffs you'll want every point you can get. Now is the time for a final push, and this is the Last Chance Little Cup Tournament!

  • Standard SV LC
  • Single Elimination
  • All rounds will be best of three, you may switch teams in between games
  • Any changes to the tier that occur in the middle of a round will not apply until the next round
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules
  • VMs are only thing that matters for activity. Use this guide to ensure you don't lose via activity or coinflip.
  • Substitutes will be slotted in as players drop out or in mass a few days into the round. If you are tagged due to being in danger of being subbed out you must either post in the thread or on either player's wall within 24 hours or risk being subbed out.
  • In order to encourage development of the Little Cup metagame and higher quality games, replays will be mandatory starting in Round 2. If neither player posts replays, the match will be coin flipped.
This is a Type B tour as part of the 2023 LC Circuit. For more information on different tournament types and how they relate to circuit points, please read the LC Circuit thread.

Round 2

Liquidocelot  vs  Fille
Concept Everything  vs  Azluc On Top
wesh papillon  vs  tigershark/genius1
Jesse504  vs  Coconut
Fc  vs  kiritofps
Lokifan  vs  aleaniled
Elfuseon  vs  Exi0022
evakiyama!  vs  Kowasabii
PolloAriosto  vs  Lemon LC on YT
DreamyFleur  vs  Tushar Cool
Kipkluif  vs  A-drago destroyer
sir jelloton  vs  MTB
Stecolomaxx  vs  tazz
Trockenschwamm  vs  Squeeby
fish anemometer  vs  Nultiprise
SOM/05  vs  Heysup
Yoshigamer33  vs  kythr
Eniigma  vs  Mcthelegit
gorditoconbigote  vs  giove97
rarre  vs  Acehunter1
NotJackewu  vs  Kaboom
dcae  vs  Akuu

Deadline: Sunday October 22nd, 10:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)
Extension Deadline: Wednesday October 18th, 10:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)
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Liquidocelot  vs  Fille
RTM  vs  ACII war of the captial letter names
Concept Everything  vs  Azluc On Top better player
wesh papillon  vs  tigershark/genius1
Jesse504  vs  (Winner of ojr vs Coconut) bolding him cuz greedy said so
Fc  vs  kiritofps good player
Lokifan  vs  aleaniled
Elfuseon  vs  Exi0022 will be interesting
evakiyama!  vs  Kowasabii cooler name
PolloAriosto  vs  Lemon LC on YT cooler name
DreamyFleur  vs  Tushar Cool cooler name
Kipkluif  vs  A-drago destroyer better player
sir jelloton  vs  MTB fire name
Stecolomaxx  vs  tazz will be an interesting one, bolded on gut instinct
Trockenschwamm  vs  Squeeby liked his name better
fish anemometer  vs  Nultiprise good player
SOM/05  vs  Heysup good player
Yoshigamer33  vs  kythr good player
Eniigma  vs  Mcthelegit enigma wins tour
gorditoconbigote  vs  (Winner of RL vs giove97) no idea
MOHAMEDALL  vs  HSOWA flipped a coin
rarre  vs  Acehunter1 will be close but ace will bring an unmon and lose
NotJackewu  vs  Kaboom midas brings standard g1 and some wacky shit g2 but wins in 2 anyways
(Winner of Rasche vs dcae)  vs  Akuu hes just better
Liquidocelot  vs  Fille - Good player
RTM  vs  ACII - Coinflipped this slot
Concept Everything  vs  Azluc On Top - Absolutely destroyed me last round with a valid act call, will beat my ghosting tour teammate too
wesh papillon  vs  tigershark/genius1 - Genisu is bad, ban this kid from LC already
Jesse504  vs  (Winner of ojr vs Coconut) - OJR wins the coinflip, then beat Jesse 2-0
Fc  vs  kiritofps - Good player
Lokifan  vs  aleaniled - Better player
Elfuseon  vs  Exi0022 - Predicted against them last time, I have learned my lesson
evakiyama!  vs  Kowasabii - Beat SCL player Eric, surely they win here too
PolloAriosto  vs  Lemon LC on YT - Content creator buff
DreamyFleur  vs  Tushar Cool - New LC player, has potential
Kipkluif  vs  A-drago destroyer - Good player
sir jelloton  vs  MTB - Liked their name more
Stecolomaxx  vs  tazz - Better player
Trockenschwamm  vs  Squeeby - Liked their name more
fish anemometer  vs  Nultiprise - Good player
SOM/05  vs  Heysup - Heysup is the better player, but they somehow lose
Yoshigamer33  vs  kythr - Good player
Eniigma  vs  Mcthelegit - Good player
gorditoconbigote  vs  (Winner of RL vs giove97) - Wins coinflip, the wins a close set
MOHAMEDALL  vs  HSOWA - Both good players, giving MOHAMEDALL the edge because he has more SV LC experience
rarre  vs  Acehunter1 - Better player? Should still be a good set
NotJackewu  vs  Kaboom - Better player
(Winner of Rasche vs dcae)  vs  Akuu - If dcae plays this game, he wins
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